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The YouTube show that reminds us that being LGBT is very African is back!!

In April 2019, ‘Living Free with Dan’ aired on YouTube for the first time. The show’s aim is to dispel the myths around African Queerness & Mental Health by inviting Black/African LGBTQ+ individuals to talk about their sexuality, gender identity & mental health in order to help validate the feeling of anyone (especially Queer Africans) who might be struggling to accept themselves. 

Season 1 was exciting, educative, and entertaining. It empowered viewers who were still in denial and clarified the fact that homosexuality is very African. Season 1 had guests such as Josh Rivers (Creator of Busy Being Black), Phil Samba (Social Activist & Strategic Lead for PrEPster), Bandy Kiki (Entrepreneur & LGBTQ Activist), Rev. Jide Macaulay (Founder of House of Rainbow), Tochi Danny (Graduate & LGBTQ Advocate), Steph (Producer & Trans Activist), Moud Goba (Project Manager for MicroRainbow), Rhammel O’Dwyer Afflick (Director for Communications, Pride in London), Jamal Clarke (Ex. Students’ Union President), Niall Watson (Professional Dancer) and Model & Intersex Activist – Roshaante Anderson. There were many lessons learned such as the ability to love yourself as a queer mxn, womxn, or non-binary individual. One of the episodes also highlighted the struggles faced by asylum seekers and refugees while another episode was around the reconciliation of faith and sexuality. 

“It is like watching

your life being

discussed in

ways you have

never seen.”

Here’s what the show’s host Daniel Yomi Asaya had to say “It’s been such an honor to sit through interviews with my Queer siblings as well as the production crew for this show. Each episode has helped me learn a lot about myself and I am glad the show continues to achieve its aim which is to remind those watching that it’s ok to be their true authentic self regardless of what society thinks. Really excited to be back for a second season despite the challenges caused by COVID19”

If you were glued to your screen like I was watching the first season, then sit tight with your popcorn and drinks because season 2 will intrigue you.

Keep your eyes peeled and watch out for this because not only is it going to be educative, it is going to be fun as well. It is like watching your life being discussed in ways you have never seen.

Season 2 premieres this Saturday the 13th of June at 10am featuring some amazing personalities so head over to the LIVING FREE WITH DAN channel on YouTube, subscribe if you have not, hit the notification button, like and sit tight while we give you the best.

Vanessa Nwosu is an LGBT Activist and Writer for Living Free UK. You can find her on Instagram and Twitter @nessakem

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