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My Religion, My Culture and My Identity

Life is in stages, and we are ever evolving. As children, we learnt basic survival skills like eating, walking, and talking by observation & trial, we develop socially by association with peers, then, eventually adapt to our culture by observing the rules and norms, and trying to conform to the society’s demand. Every idea is new, and we have to adapt to it. The world is populated by people with diverse views. Hence, it is important to adopt an open mind as to sensitive matters like homosexuality. The fact that you haven’t experienced a thing doesn’t make it a lie, and feeling a certain way doesn’t mean everyone else will. We are molded by our experiences.

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You would agree with me that we were taught many things that we had to unlearn as we matured and began to comprehend life. Things like:

  • The devil meant darkness and black represented him and his angels.
  • Mermaids were demonic spirits, living underwater and known to possess people.
  • A homosexual person is possessed, mentally ill, and uncultured. That being gay is unafrican, and a white man’s disease passed on to us all.


Some religions forbid homosexuality along with other things like meat consumption, but it is quite shocking that each religion has its own specificity. A religion which forbids “eating of pork” may allow beef, while another religion forbids “eating of meat” in general. One thing I have come to understand is to respect everybody’s diversity including those who don’t believe in any religion or God.If your religion matters to you, so do others.

How, where and with whom you have sex should be your private business, while we are often quick to chastise homosexuals and label them as portraying a white man’s disease.Have we ever stopped to consider that those were the same white people who brought missionary to Africa? Why can’t we call such religions or the good books “a white man’s disease?” We pretend that all is well, but is it really?


“if you are gay, you can pretend but cannot pray it away”

Being gay, lesbian, bisexual or asexual does not make me less human, it isn’t something I chose. It is who I am, and it is Alright. Neither does being intersex or transgender mean I have just chosen to deface myself and destroy my body. Imagine having a third ear, wouldn’t you get rid of it? I am human, I am Normal, and I want to be treated like one, work freely, get married, and hopefully, have children. I don’t hurt children (pedophilia), No one should, it has nothing to do with homosexuality. Being gay isn’t a disease, and I am not sick!

Finally, I would like to say that if you are gay,you can pretend but cannot pray it away, no matter where you go or what they serve. It’s a part of you and accepting that will help you live better. Your identity is your pride.

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