How to avoid depressing situations as a queer person in Nigeria

Depression in the leading cause of the high rate of suicide, and substance abuse in Nigeria, that is a huge problem to tackle for the country, now imagine being a gay, lesbian, or transgender person, having to live with the day to day horrors of being queer in a place where it is not accepted. Yeah, triple the effect. To survive from the scrutiny of the public eye, many LGBT folks have developed a sixth sense used specifically to observe and read a situation to determine how much they can safely be themselves. 

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“It’s hard being African and gay, here’s my story” – Gift Nwosu

For about a decade now I have been lying to myself, to everyone, to the world, and I’ve come to a moment of realization that putting up a facade for everyone to somewhat show interest in me was not the best way to go about my life. Read more ““It’s hard being African and gay, here’s my story” – Gift Nwosu”

Gay people might be ‘different’, but definitely not flawed

In the early days, homosexuality was categorized as a mental illness, specifically a sexual disorder, DSM-II (the American classification of mental disorders) in 1968 listed homosexuality as a mental disorder. In this, the DSM followed in a long tradition in medicine and psychiatry, which in the 19th century appropriated homosexuality from the Church and, in the style of enlightenment, transformed it from sin to mental disorder, then to a sexual orientation disturbance before it was finally scrapped off 19 years after. It is now said to simply be a diversity in sexual behaviors, or a form of sexual expression. Read more “Gay people might be ‘different’, but definitely not flawed”

My Religion, My Culture and My Identity

Life is in stages, and we are ever evolving. As children, we learnt basic survival skills like eating, walking, and talking by observation & trial, we develop socially by association with peers, then, eventually adapt to our culture by observing the rules and norms, and trying to conform to the society’s demand. Every idea is new, and we have to adapt to it. The world is populated by people with diverse views. Hence, it is important to adopt an open mind as to sensitive matters like homosexuality. The fact that you haven’t experienced a thing doesn’t make it a lie, and feeling a certain way doesn’t mean everyone else will. We are molded by our experiences. Read more “My Religion, My Culture and My Identity”

Who can you talk to about your sexuality?

Hail Africa. Hail our great country Nigeria, where culture, religion, and traditions have taken the space of authenticity in an individual lives, where the society has managed to label everyone as heterosexual and to be different (Gay, Lesbian, bisexual, etc.) is perceived as abnormal and wrong.

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