“What if?” — Sex, Gender and Sexuality

A few weeks ago, I wanted to loosen my braids and decided to sleepover at my friend, Mofe’s place, Big mistake. She simply ignored me till I finished, but kept me company by surfing the net and reading out funny memes to me. After a while, she came across a blogpost and hissed. Curious, I scooted over and peeked from her shoulder, and found out it was a gender-based argument that was trending online, and a lot of people had a million things to say, we went through some comments, some were horrible, some indifferent, some hateful and offensive. I got very uncomfortable. Mofe, must have caught on as she suddenly turned to me and asked “Chi, what if you were transgender?” Bewildered I rashly replied. “I WOULD NEVER DO THAT!” WHAT IF! It was a harmless situation, or so I thought, but I found myself drifting back to that conversation many times the following week, I felt like I had said something wrong, but couldn’t quite place it until I eventually decided to address it with a simple logic. I call it “playing pretence.” I went “What if one day I slept as a woman, and woke up with the same feeling of being a woman but looked in the mirror and saw beards, tried to talk and discovered I sounded many octaves below my normal vocal range, with a pair of matching testicles, what would happen?” Now! I don’t know about you, but if that happened to me, I definitely would freak out, throw tantrums, call 112, declare a public holiday, and demand a press conference where I will announce a huge bounty for anyone who could fix it. By hook or by crook, I would get my body back.” Maybe not as dramatic as that, but I would definitely drive myself into depression and everything else a mental wreck could offer. Read more ““What if?” — Sex, Gender and Sexuality”

Who can you talk to about your sexuality?

Hail Africa. Hail our great country Nigeria, where culture, religion, and traditions have taken the space of authenticity in an individual lives, where the society has managed to label everyone as heterosexual and to be different (Gay, Lesbian, bisexual, etc.) is perceived as abnormal and wrong.

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