Living Free UK is a registered community interest company founded in 2018 out of the struggles of millions of LGBTIQ+ Africans who are still battling with their sexuality and gender identity, especially in countries where it is still illegal to live their truth and in some cases lose their lives while trying to find liberty and acceptance.

Our main aim is to provide support and validate the lived experiences of LGBTIQ+ Africans, people seeking asylum, and refugees. As research shows, there are 72 countries where homosexuality is still a crime and even in the UK, LGBTIQ+ Africans experience immense difficultly when finding a safe space to express themselves freely and openly without fear of racism, afrophobia, or prejudice of any kind. Some are also unable to return home because of the danger that awaits them.

By Living Free, we use the power of the lived experiences of those who have sought sanctuary from inherited draconian, imperial-era laws, and cultural exclusion to free others to live their best lives. Living Free is also about creating a home, building a community of people, passionate about change on LGBT rights, and by extension freedom for all. Freedom to create change beyond our own community.

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