Was coming out worth it? – Christina Mitchell

Christina Mitchell.

Was coming out worth it? Simply put, yes. The capacity to define yourself, as well as expressing your interpretation of self, is what validates your existence.  Who wouldn’t want that? Who wouldn’t want to exist and feel free to be authentic? I did, and coming out allowed for me to experience the freedom to exist. The freedom that comes with living emphatically and unapologetically is invaluable. I resolved that I would not ask for permission to be free. Waiting for acceptance of my sexual orientation would have meant I needed permission. If I needed permission, public opinion coupled with fear, were my oppressors, and by definition, I was oppressed by the secrecy of my sexual preference. After years of keeping my sexual orientation to myself due to the potential negative reception by others, I got tired of living in fear. I eventually decided I would not allow anyone to cause me discomfort, to shy from my truth, or shrink back from living a full and honest existence. No past, existing, or future ideology would I allow to rob my freedom to exist, as myself, again. Read more “Was coming out worth it? – Christina Mitchell”