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Matthew Blaise is Living Authentically.

In Nigeria, the Same-Sex Marriage Prohibition Act (SSMPA) is a dangerous law that puts LGBTQ+ people at risk. The draconian law, which was signed in January 2014, has been a source of pain for members of the community in Nigeria. However, for young LGBTQ+ Nigerians like Matthew Blaise, this law doesn’t put their life on hold or stops them from fighting for the truth.

Ofure Ighalo for Living Free U.K

Blaise is a non-binary gay Nigerian and a young LGBTQ+ activist. They are widely known for their #EndSARS protest video, where they chanted, “Queer Lives Matter.” They are also known for telling stories about the LGBTQ+ community, teaching people about LGBTQ+ rights in Nigeria, and co-founding The OASIS Project.

Ofure Ighalo for Living Free U.K

In our first digital cover story, we sat down with Matthew Blaise as they talked about being queer, their work, their viral #EndSARS video, and living in Nigeria.

Going through a different route with this digital cover story, you can now listen to Blaise below.

Matthew Blaise speaks with Daniel Yomi on Queerness, Living in Nigeria, Activism.

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