Queer City is written on a black background. It as the colours of the rainbow.

Glow-Up Pride: Celebrating queerness.


Queer City is written on a black background. It as the colours of the rainbow.BY TIMINEPRE COLE.

The month of June is a month dedicated to promoting, celebrating, and affirming the dignity, equality, and visibility of members of the LGBTQ+ community. At this time, pride events remind us of the battles fought and won by queer folks all over. But in countries like Nigeria where being queer is considered a crime, queer folks are still fighting for equality and protection of their most basic rights and risk facing as much as a ten-year prison term for participating in LGBTQ+ marches, rallies, and parties. However, most organizations focused on the queer community are finding ways to host pride events safely. 

QueerCity, a podcast run by queer Nigerians and focuses on media advocacy, education, and digital empowerment, uses its platform to bring pride festivities to queer Nigerians.

“Being queer isn’t a choice just as being Nigerian isn’t” – the caption accompanying the announcement of the GlowUp Pride event by QueerCity could not be more fitting as it embodies the eagerness of queer Nigerians in finding community, getting their voices heard, and showing they exist despite the oppressive system.

The two-day virtual event is scheduled for the 26th and 27th of June 2021 on Zoom, Clubhouse, Twitter Spaces, and Instagram Live. It promises, amongst other things: 

  • music performances by queer artists Raldie Young and Wanlov.
  • Panel discussions about creativity and social change by digital creators Amara, Seyi Mint, and Fola Francis.
  • Lecture on the literary documentation of queerness in West Africa and
  • in-depth conversation with journalist Tope Delano on the adverse effect of an internet shutdown on digital advocacy in Nigeria.

Click the link for more details about GlowUp Pride.

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